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Tableau Certification Challenge

Prepare for your certification exam with the simple, free Tableau training challenge.

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Tableau Certification Challenge

A National Intent interactive visualization for the 2017 Positive Peace Report launched at Stanford University in October 2017. Identifying groups of countries with similar Intent it is possible to determine where the strongest alliances are likely to form, soft power is also more likely to be successful, policies are more likely to have comparable outcomes.

Tableau Certification Challenge

This interactive visualization focuses on measurement of Sustainable Development Goal 16 - Peace, justice, and strong institutions. The visualization was developed at the request of The Institute for Economics and Peace.

Tableau Certification Challenge

This visualization attempts to tell the story of film. An epic journey of innovation across 14 decades, 137 countries, and 4070420 films.

Tableau Certification Challenge

This visualization reviews the data discovery process using the discovery of the Americas by early sea explorers and cartographers as an example.

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