The Tableau Certification Challenge
Olga Tsubiks

Prepare for your certification exam with this simple Tableau training challenge

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*This  guide is not endorsed or designed by Tableau Software. Opinions and solutions are my own.

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I'm going to give you simple practice tasks and walk you through the solutions.

Depending on your experience it may take you 10-15 minutes to finish each task.

It may take up to 4 weeks to prepare for Tableau certification - one viz at a time.


Each challenge includes videos, images, and workbooks available for download containing key concepts on each task covered and hands-on articles to further improve the skills and knowledge attained. It also includes data source files if you want to build everything from scratch.



Access to Tableau Public (free) or Tableau Desktop (paid) is necessary. With the paid version you will be able to save your Tableau workbooks, but even if you don't have an access to the paid version, Tableau Public is sufficient to complete all the exercises.


Minimum understanding of Tableau interface. If you've never used Tableau before, get yourself familiar with Tableau interface by watching this tutorial.

Hey, I'm Olga. I've been an active Tableau user for the past 6 years. After logging many hours working with data in Tableau I've decided to give back to the community of Tableau enthusiasts.

Olga Tsubiks

Olga Tsubiks


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