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How to share your interactive Tableau dashboards with others

Can you share interactive Tableau dashboards with people who do not have Tableau Desktop? Yes! 


You can share workbooks in the following ways:

  • Tableau Server
    Users who have a Tableau Server account can sign in to see the workbooks you’ve published to the Server using Tableau Desktop.


  • Tableau Online
    Authorized users can sign in to see the workbooks you’ve created using Tableau Online or published to Online using Tableau Desktop.


  • Tableau Public
    Anyone with a link can see the workbook you’ve published using Tableau Desktop or Tableau Public. It can also be discovered in Tableau Public Gallery when shared publicly.


  • Tableau Reader
    Anyone can download Tableau Reader (free) to view your workbook.

You can also share your dashboard by exporting it as an image. You can save it in jpeg, png, bmp, and emf format. You can also save your dashboard as a PDF file by selecting File > Print to PDF.


Tableau Server and Tableau Online are secure ways to share your enterprise data. You can control who can access and interact with your workbook.

Workbooks that are published to Tableau Server and Tableau Online can be accessed from any major browser, such as Chrome, IE, and Firefox, as well as on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers. It is also possible to edit your dashboards directly in the browser, and to download the workbook or its data source.

share interactive Tableau dashboards

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