Visualizing Global Peace Gap

Data for a Cause - Visualizing Global Peace Gap

Violence continues to have a significant impact on economic performance around the globe. The economic impact of violence on the global economy in 2018 was $14.1 trillion in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms. This figure is equivalent to 11.2 per cent of the world’s economic activity (gross world product) or $1,853 for every person.

In this Data for a Cause challenge we are working with the Global Peace Index (GPI). Produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace, the GPI is the standard for measuring peace around the world.

The GPI covers 99.7 per cent of the world’s population, using 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators from highly respected sources, and measures the state of peace. It is used by intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, academic institutions, and media. This year they are focusing on peace inequality, also known as the Peace Gap. We have the most recent Global Peace Index data. It's a lot of interesting data to go through! Are you ready to get started?

Schedule: June 13, 2019: The Data for a Cause challenge begins. Current Data for a Cause volunteers are the first to get the data. June 27, 2019: Submission deadline. Gathering and analysis of data visualizations begins. June 28, 2019: Review of the entries by the Institute for Economics and Peace begins. Once the review is complete, the winners will be announced.

Update: This challenge is now complete. See the announce.

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