Winners of the 15th Data For A Cause Challenge

It is time to announce the results of the 15th Data For A Cause challenge. We worked with Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise partners with national governments and builds public schools for students in hard-to-reach rural areas in Laos, Guatemala, and Ghana. We focused on their recent evaluations of teacher instruction in Ghana.

Thank you to all our contributors for participating in this project! And thanks to our supporters for cheering and sharing our mission!

Pencils of Promise has selected the winners! Drum roll please!

3d Place

Data visualization by Lali Jularba

Data visualization by Lali Jularbal

2d Place

Data visualization by Paula Jennings

Data visualization by Paula Jennings

1st Place

Data visualization by Amy Riffe

Data visualization by Amy Riffe

Congratulations to these talented folks and thanks to all the participants! 

Pencils of Promise were thrilled to see so many of the visualizations and see all the ways of looking at the data and their work. They're very impressed with the quality of the visualizations, and they can see that Data For A Cause participants went above and beyond to find and learn more about their work and the context of their work. 

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