Visualizing effectiveness of teacher instruction in Ghana

Data for a Cause

250 million children of primary school age lack basic reading, writing and math skills. Wast majority of them are in rural areas. What does it mean? The cost of 250 million children around the world not learning basic skills translates into a loss of an estimated US$129 billion per year.

Pencils of Promise builds out their literacy programs with Ghanaian communities. They construct schools with communities and train government teachers via teacher support programming to improve students’ reading, writing, and comprehension.

In this Data for a Cause challenge, we are working with Pencils of Promise to visualize effectiveness of teacher support programming by analyzing changes within individual teachers' scores over time.

We have data of teacher evaluations by school and class. It's a lot of interesting data to go through! Are you ready to get started?

Schedule: March 24, 2019: The Data for a Cause challenge begins. Current Data for a Cause volunteers are the first to get the data. April 7, 2019: Submission deadline. Gathering and analysis of data visualizations begins. April 9, 2019: Review of the entries by Pencils of Promise begins. Once the review is complete, the winners will be announced.

Update: This challenge is now complete. See the announce.

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