Winners of the 14th Data For A Cause Challenge

For our 14th challenge, Data For A Cause worked with Global Fishing Watch. Global Fishing Watch uses data from AIS tracking devices and other kinds of information to show what's happening in the oceans around the world. They monitor commercial fishing activity and larger boats.

We used the recent data from Global Fishing Watch as well as open data to analyze fishing activities of richer countries in poorer countries' waters.

Thank you to all our contributors for participating in this project! And thanks to our supporters for cheering and sharing our mission!

And after much deliberation, we have the winners! Drum roll please!

3d Place

Data visualization by Damar Aji Pramudita

Data For A Cause by Damar Aji Pramudita

Comments from Global Fishing Watch: Simple, but most clearly shows where countries fish.

2d Place

Data visualization by Duncan Geere

Data For A Cause by by Duncan Geere

Comments from Global Fishing Watch: Slides tell a comprehensive story.

1st Place

Data visualization by Jon Olav H. Eikenes

Data For A Cause by Jon Olav H. Eikenes

Comments from Global Fishing Watch: Original, creative, and interesting.

With over 30 contributions selecting the winners wasn't an easy task. Thanks to all participants of this challenge! And huge congratulations to the winners!

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