Visualizing global fishing to promote ocean sustainability

Data for a Cause - Visualizing global fishing to promote ocean sustainability

So many things go unnoticed. If something isn't measured, it's hard to believe it and it's almost impossible to control it. Just like that, hundreds of fishing vessels illegally fish our oceans. For some countries, such as the US, waters are patrolled and protected. But what about the poor countries that simply don't have the luxury of patrols?

In this Data for a Cause challenge, we are working with Global Fishing Watch to visualize the fishing activity of vessels fishing in other country's waters.

Global Fishing Watch uses AIS tracking devices and other kinds of information to show what's happening in the oceans around the world. They monitor commercial fishing activity and larger boats.

Just a decade ago, without modern technology, measuring fishing activity globally would be impossible. Now that we can collect and see their data, we can measure it and we can do something to control it.

We have data on fishing activity for several years, including geospatial files. It's a lot of interesting data to go through! Are you ready to get started?

Schedule: February 7, 2019: The Data for a Cause challenge begins. Current Data for a Cause volunteers are the first to get the data. February 24, 2019: Submission deadline. Gathering and analysis of data visualizations begins. February 26, 2019: Review of the entries by Global Fishing Watch begins. Once the review is complete, the winners are announced.

Update: This challenge is now complete. See the announce.

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