Data for a Cause: Best of 2018

It is time to reflect on our stories and achievements in 2018. I'm going to try my best to include as much as I can without making it a long list, but I want you to know that it is only one part of Data for a Cause. The other part is what you put in: the creativity, inspiration, and commitment you bring to the work you do.

Our work

In 2018 we've continued to work with challenging social issues.

Our People

Without your commitment to making a difference and helping nonprofits with their data visualization needs, Data for a Cause wouldn't be possible. In 2018 over 1200 people participated in Data for a Cause. With 600+ at the beginning of the year, we've more than doubled! Just look at the stats from last January.

Data for a Cause - 2018

I'd like to share the stories of select participants that won Data for a Cause challenge in 2018. In the interviews (below), they share their favorite tools, resources, and work routines that helped them master data visualization

Interview with Zak Geis‏ | The winner of the Data For A Cause challenge for Rainbow Railroad

Interview with Alex Dixon | The winner of the Data For A Cause challenge for IEP

Interview with PeiYing Huang | The winner of the Data For A Cause challenge for War Child Canada

Other winners and notable contributors to Data for a Cause challenge in 2018 are Valerie Mais, Chris Conn, Fiorella Conn, Daniel Bernstein, Dhaval Rughani, Kevin Huang, Luisa Bez, Evert Preza, David Tran, Amarendranath D‏onthala, and Chantilly Jaggernauth. Your data visualizations became an inspiration, templates, and data visualization tools for our nonprofits.

Big thanks to Mark Bradbourne, Nick Kraska, Paul Wachtler, Simon Beaumont, Ehow Chen, Mike Cisneros, Angie Chen‏, Vicky Yilmaz, Marcin Antas, Vivian Chak, Kashish Chauhan, Naledi Hollbruegge, Laura Michela, Burney Wong, Anna Dzikowska, Silvia Romanelli, Lovepreet Sidh, Ksheera Sagar, Soham Wadekar‏, Bhavna GV, Roopan Sharma, Vishesh Jain, Lynda Duchon, Anish Bhola, Bhavesh Kapadia, Benjamin Edney, Vaishnavi Krishnan, Paola Tomei, Charles Sutton, Olga Drath‏, Fenanda Romero, Leo H, Slavik Glazyrin, Vishal Sethia, Rebecca Roland, Ankit Sharma, Hilda Amalan, Niklas Ek, Satoko Suda, Lamar Johnson, Maggie McGuire, Munazzah Naeem, Cathryn Ploehn, and Alan Tse‏. You helped make 2018 a special year for Data for a Cause!