Winners of the 11th Data for a Cause Challenge

Data for a Cause teamed up with the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP). The world is becoming less peaceful: there are more conflicts, they last longer, people are on the move, forced from their homes. In this Data for a Cause challenge we are taking a closer look at these troubling signs by visualizing global peace trends.

We used Global Peace Index produced by IEP. The Global Peace Index is considered the standard for measuring peace around the world. We had the full dataset for all the indicators released just a few days earlier.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their visualizations and everyone who supported Data for a Cause volunteers by liking and sharing their work!

The Institute for Economics & Peace has selected the winners. And they are... (a laud drum roll!)

3d Place

We have a tied 3d place. Congratulations to David Tran and Valerie Mais!

Data visualization by David Tran

Data for a Cause - David Tran

Data visualization by Valerie Mais

Data for a Cause - Valerie Mais

2d Place

Data visualization by Chris Conn and Fiorella Conn

Data for a Cause - Chris Conn and Fiorella Conn

1st Place

Data visualization by Alex Dixon​

Data for a Cause - Alex Dixon​

Please cheer for all participants of this challenge! And huge congratulations to the winners!

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