Winners of the 10th Data for a Cause challenge

For our first challenge in 2018, Data for a Cause teamed up with Rainbow Railroad to help visualizing state-sponsored violence towards LGBTQI people.

In too many countries around the world, LGBTQI people are routinely arrested, denied basic human rights, and are being brutally attacked, tortured or even murdered. For those individuals, living in their home country can mean the difference between life and death. Rainbow Railroad provides travel support to LGBTQI individuals seeking a safe haven from state enabled violence.

We used Rainbow Railroad's case data to show the important work they are doing, as well as data from ILGA. The goal of the competition was to visualize state-sponsored violence towards LGBTQI people around the world and show the Rainbow Railroad's impact to inspire people to support the cause.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their visualizations and everyone who supported the volunteers by liking and sharing their work!

With so many great submissions, it was really hard to select the winners.

Rainbow Railroad has selected the winners. And they are... (drum roll!)

3d Place

Amarendranath D‏ @AmarendranathD and Chantilly J‏ @chanjagg

Data visualization by Amarendranath & Chantilly

2d Place

Valerie Mais‏ @valeriemais027

Data visualization by Valerie Mais‏

1st Place

Zak Geis‏ @zaksviz

Data visualization by Zak Geis

Huge congratulations to everyone. Please cheer for all participants of this challenge!

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