Winners of the 8th Data for a Cause challenge

For the 8th Data for a Cause challenge we visualized chicken factory farms for The Humane League and their 88% campaign. I am excited to announce the winners!

The mission of The Humane League is to reduce animal suffering by inspiring change at all levels. The 88% Campaign is focused on changing the lives of billions of chickens. They are asking companies to adopt progressive welfare standard that move to higher welfare breeds of birds to address health issues, eliminate current live-shackle slaughter methods to end needless fear, pain and suffering and improve chickens’ environment by adding natural enrichments and giving them more room.

The goal of the challenge was to create a map visualization of factory farms.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

3d Place

Data visualization by Allison Montgomery

2d Place

Data visualization by Chris Conn & Fiorella Conn

1st Place

Data visualization by Kizley Benedict

Thank you everyone who submitted and attempted their data visualizations using hashtag #dataforacause!

"Our team was very excited to see the results. Great work to all of the submitters!" - The Humane League.

The Humane League will share winning visualizations on their social media channels.

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