And the winners of the Protected Planet Challenge are...

Last month Data for a Cause have teamed up with UN Environment - World Conservation Monitoring Centre to run a data visualization challenge to support their Protected Planet project. provides most up to date, vetted and complete source of information on protected areas (national parks, conservation areas, marine reserves, etc.), updated just a few days ago, with submissions from governments, non-governmental organizations, landowners, and communities.

For this challenge, we focused on the world's protected areas. The goal of the competition was to create a data visualization that encourages people to download the dataset on and explore the data.

It's time to announce the winners!

In 3rd place

Protected Areas in the UK by Florin

Protected Areas in the UK by Florin

Comment from UNEP-WCMC team: The top 3 were very close, we really liked Florin’s graph on creation of sites over time, breakdown of protected areas coverage by country (in the UK), and we really liked the “first protected area in the UK was established in 1895” component as it really brought a story to the page

In 2nd place

Protected Planet by Angie (a very, very close 2nd place)

Protected Planet by Angie Chen

Comment from UNEP-WCMC team: this was extremely close, we really like Angie’s use of colour and space, the growth over time growth curve (really made us think we should have done this!), the Tree Map of designations (who doesn’t like Tree Maps!) and the top 10 countries- which were presented in a very clean manner, oh and the handshake was excellent as it does embody what we do - work in partnership.

In 1st place

Protected Areas in Ireland by Athan

Protected Areas in Ireland by Athan

Comment from UNEP-WCMC team: This was a really nice use of colour and space, the symbols for land and marine was excellent, and the growth curves for land and sea were very nice and again made us think why had we not done this.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their visualizations and everyone who tried their best to visualize this huge geospatial data set! It was a serious challenge and I'm proud of all the participants!

If you are new to the Data for a Cause challenge, sign up to join here, and see if you have what it takes to create the story of nature conservation around the world!

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