And the winners of our Global Forest Watch competition are...

In the spirit of Earth Month, Data for a Cause have teamed up with Global Forest Watch to run a challenge in the second half of April (April 20 - April 30).

For this competition, we focused on the last intact forests of the world. The goal of the competition was to show deforestation trends around the world. We used a very robust data set about world's intact forest landscapes extent and area reduction (deforestation).

It's time to announce the winners!

The winner

Amarendranath Donthala @AmarendranathD

Data visualization by Amarendranath Donthala for Global Forest Watch

2d Place

Mitesh Parekh @ParekhMiteshB

Data visulization by Mitesh Parekh for Global Forest Watch

3d Place

Kate Brown @katebrown_5

Data visualization by Kate Brown for Global Forest Watch

Thank you to everyone who submitted their visualizations and everyone who tried their best to get through the massive geospatial data set! It was a serious challenge and I'm proud of all the participants who took it!

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