And the winners of our Global Forest Watch competition are...

In the spirit of Earth Month, Data for a Cause have teamed up with Global Forest Watch to run a challenge in the second half of April (April 20 - April 30).

For this competition, we focused on the last intact forests of the world. The goal of the competition was to show deforestation trends around the world. We used a very robust data set about world's intact forest landscapes extent and area reduction (deforestation).

It's time to announce the winners!

The winner

Amarendranath Donthala @AmarendranathD

2d Place

Mitesh Parekh @ParekhMiteshB

3d Place

Kate Brown @katebrown_5

Thank you to everyone who submitted their visualizations and everyone who tried their best to get through the massive geospatial data set! It was a serious challenge and I'm proud of all the participants who took it!

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