Which Tableau certification is right for you?

Tableau certification exam

Tableau certification has two streams: Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. Which one to take? Tableau Desktop Certification is suitable for analysts and data visualization professionals who are expected to design and create Tableau dashboards. Tableau Server Certification is for database administrators, IT and BI professionals involved in the data layer administration of existing and ongoing Tableau reports. Each certification stream consists of: Qualified Associate, Certified Professional and Delta Exam. Qualified Associate is a prerequisite exam for professional certification. The official recommendation is to have Tableau experience for 5+ months prior to attempting the exam. Qualified Professional is the actual exam that will give you the designation of Certified Professional. According to guidelines, you will have at least 11 months of Tableau experience prior to attempting the exam. Delta examination is a way to renew your certification once a new version of Tableau comes out. Hint: if you are aware of the fact that a new version of Tableau is on its way, wait for it to come out before taking your exam.

Tableau recommends you complete Tableau Fundamentals and Advanced courses. If your employer won't cover the cost of these courses, it can be quite costly. Each course costs US$1400, which in combination with the cost of the certification exams, would add up to US$3000+.

Thankfully, though, taking courses isn't required: you can prepare on your own.

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