How to overlay maps in Tableau

Want to add another dimension to your map in Tableau? It’s actually easier than it looks.

Here is an example: using the superstore data, I want to show the sales by state, but I also want to show sales by city. I have a dashboard with these two maps, but I would prefer if it was a single map. How do I do that?

How to overlay maps in Tableau

Let's go to the country map, then duplicate the Latitude(generated) measure onto rows by holding CTRL. Right-click on the new Latitude(generated) measure and select "Dual Axis" to create a dual axis map (one map on top of the other).

Notice that you have two Marks cards now, both of them called Latitude(generated). Select one of the Marks and drill down to the city level by clicking on the plus. The circles for each city will appear.

Change the Mark type from "Filled Map" to circle. Drag the SUM(Sales) measure on the size and change the color to blue.

That's it! You have two maps, one on top of the other.

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