What does it take to make a great blog?

great blog

What is a great blog?

A great blog is an authoritative resource that receives a lot of traffic and delivers great content.

So here are 3 blogs that I regularly read. They are about analytics. (July 2014) (May 2006) (July 2009)

These guys rock in what they do. But today I’m more interested in how they do it. Analytics is a very niche topic. It isn’t a very small niche, but it isn’t as broad as topics like, say, nutrition.

Altogether these blogs account for 13.3k+10.5k+2.3k=23.5k monthly traffic (an estimate by Together they account for about 1% of the entire traffic for "analytics" (my estimate). That’s huge.

Each blog is different though. Himanshu from Optimize Smart has published about 200 articles so far, and that’s over the period of about two years. He is the late starter to the race, but he’s outperformed everyone in terms of the amount of traffic he gets.

Avinash Kaushik has published about 300 articles over a period of 9 years. The engagement on his site is monstrous.

Now, Yehoshua Coren from Analytics Ninja has published less than 100 blogs over a period of 6 years. In fact, it’s only about 30 blog posts. No surprises then that he has the smallest amount of traffic – but wait, that’s only 30 blog posts! Serious result!

Conclusion? We could take a deep dive and go into details of keywords, backlinks, etc. But the main takeaway is already clear: there is no one strategy to creating a great blog.

You can give it a huge push, like Himanshu, and publish 100 amazing blogs in a year. If you can pull it off, buy yourself a medal! (I think Himanshu has a real superpower in terms of productivity.)

If you aren’t able to produce so much blog juice, you can focus instead on delivering regular, great quality blog posts (2-3 a month), like Avinash. Think consistency and commitment.

Or you can hack it out like Yehoshua. Write a very few blog posts that drive a crazy amount of traffic. Heck! You can even write only 1 blog post that drives 2-3k visits a month.

No matter what strategy you choose, your blog should have great content.

Disclaimer: I do not intend to compare these blogs. This is a discussion of ways the authors get to where they are. All the blogs are very different.

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