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Google Analytics Templates for Startups

A startup's job is to (1) rigorously measure where it is right now, confronting the hard truths that assessment reveals, and then (2) devise experiments to learn how to move the real numbers closer to the ideal reflected in the business plan (Eric Ries).


People are used to thinking of analytics as difficult and dry, a necessary evil used to prepare dashboards and reports. Don't be one of them!


Make your analytics productive with these predefined dashboards that are easy to interpret and even easier to love. Whether you are looking for quick performance snapshot or easy ways to grow your audience, creative marketing ideas or new ways to engage your users, you will find it here.

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Productivity recipe for Evernote

Monitor and grow your audience with this Google Analytics dashboard. Focus on acquisition, retention and revenue using the right dimensions and metrics: audience growth, audience size, revenue by user type, etc. And other metrics all in one place!

How to hack content creation with Evernote

This predefined Google Analytics dashboard helps to measure the growth of a startup by using the following metrics: revenue, transactions, users, conversion rate, and revenue by user type. The analysis is focused on the ability of the startup to retain customers and to generate repeat revenue.

Measure your startup's traction with this predefined Google Analytics dashboard. At its most basic, traction is the adoption rate for a product or service. This seems simple enough, but there are dozens of dimension and metrics you can use to measure something as broad as the traction.

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