Data visualizations for mission-driven nonprofits

Featured Volunteers

We are a community of creative data visualization professionals with the talent, commitment and energy to produce data visualizations that explain complex issues and inspire others to take action.

Abhishek Kanaparthi

Always willing to dedicate my efforts for the larger good! My goal is to analyse the data and give meaningful insights.

Surya Teja Reddy

I want to practice more data visualization and create impactful visualizations. My goal is to become a good data analyst.

Kaushik Reddy Dammannagaru

I have decided to join as I have always been passionate about doing things for a good cause and this seems like a great opportunity to blend my interest in social work and my career path.

Aditi Saini

I decided to join because I love to help and explore data and get valuable insights.

L.A. Cayabyab

My goal is to help make a positive impact on a non-profit's vision and mission through visualization.


I'm passionate about the power of great data visualisation. My goal is to use my d3.js skills to help people worldwide.

Rahul Singh

I am passionate about data visualization. My goal is to help people in understanding their data by creating effective visualizations.

Mahfooj Khan

I love to participate in Data for a Cause to help the community through my visualization. My goal is to create a viz which spread a general awareness in our community across the globe.

Matt Anderson

I'd like to join in the effort to assist underfunded not-for-profit organizations by unleashing the potential of data that would otherwise lie dormant.

Sergio Sanchez

I believe data analysis and visualization are very powerful tools and I want to use them to help the world be a little better. My goal is to learn and help others learn.

Sufia Siddiqui

I decided to test my visualization skills. My goal is to have confidence in what I know and have learned.

Joseph Tsaparas

I decided to join because each dataset is a story waiting to be told.

Fernanda Romero

I want to use my skills for a good cause. My goal is to analyse data and provide some insights.

Don (Zhenhong) Yang

I enjoyed enhancing understandings of the world by well-designed visualization. An expert story-teller.

Allison Montgomery

I decided to join because I want to learn how to use data to tell a meaningful story. My goal is to contribute to the causes while developing my own skills.


I want to help drive good in the world. Ultimately, my goal is to make a difference.


I decided to join to use/develop my visualisation skills for a good cause. My goal is to create some nice viz and provide some insights.

Brian Welsh

I am always looking for ways to challenge myself and what better way than to help the community.

Kizley Benedict

I enjoy analyzing data to create meaningful insights. My goal is to bring out the story behind the data and contribute to the cause.

Lawer Akrofi

I love creating visualizations and this is a great opportunity for me improve my skills in Tableau. My goal is to help make a difference in some way, no matter how small.

Christopher Conn

I want to make a difference in the world through data visualization and bring awareness to critical issues affecting our planet.
My hometown has a unique ecosystem that has been threatened by pollution and toxic algae was released into the oceans. This resulted in our lagoon to suffer in massive fish kills and destruction to the reefs and ocean. I want to help in any way possible.

Tarini Sunil

I decided to join because it helps me to use my knowledge for other people. It gives me a sense of satisfaction. Even though I am not an expert in Tableau I will try my best to learn and improve upon my charts.

Mitesh Parekh

I decided to join to make an impact where it's needed by using data !!!

Arunkumar Navaneethan

I love working data and love it more when I can do what I love and give back to the society in the process. 

Ultimately, my goal is to become better in finding helpful hidden patterns and insights and help others in the process.

Simone Betito

I'd like to make a difference in our society and do good with data.

Alex Velinov

I love to play with data. And if it is useful for somebody that's a win-win.


I want to help make a difference. Data for a Cause allows me to help organisations, that may not have the resources to access professional data viz, to reach a wider audience.

Jenny Luu

I decided to join because I wanted to see what other great things people are doing with data. 

Ultimately, my goal is to learn and find inspiration.

Andy Levenson

It's an opportunity to learn/practice my trade and volunteer at the same time. My goal is to help however I can, and collect some sweet datasets in the process.

Ian Weinstock

There's a lot of data out there... gotta do what I can with what we've got.

Ashok Bhatta

I wanted to help answer questions through data visualization for a social cause.

Vincent Baumel

I want to be a part of something bigger than myself! My goal is to inspire others.

Mark Bradbourne

I love doing data viz, and being able to donate time and talent to non-profits is just one way I can give back. My goal is to provide insight to organizations who might otherwise make decisions without all the answers.

Jake Riley

I'm a data nerd who likes to help people. My goal is helping non-profits and social service agencies use data to tell their story.

Kamen Pavlov

I am a Data Scientist with a passion for Data Visualization and I completely share the vision about using visualization for shaping the world in a positive way. Therefore I am highly motivated to contribute!

Joshua Smith

I love using math, art, and data to tell stories that can impact the heart and the brain.

Daniel Funes

I like to represent the data, the analysis of the data, and that decisions can be made with it.

David Hoskins

I decided to join because I am passionate about data visualization and this sounds like a great project. 

My goal is to use my skills and experience to make a meaningful difference.

Joe Mulberry

Interested in the challenge of turning data about important causes into insights that help stimulate debate and action. My goal is to push my skill set whilst working with data on important issues.

Yemeng Hu

Ultimately, my goal is too ... smash it!

Ankush Laxmeshwar

Visualizations are powerful tools. I want to use them to drive more awareness of facts in my surroundings. My goal is to develop as a strong storyteller in order to enable those around me with the right facts and right options to drive change.

Mccaine Chan

Sometimes, a meaningful story may well be just hidden beneath the data.


I'm growing my skills in data analysis, statistics, programming languages, and data visualization. I'm especially interested in using these skills to help explain complex issues that I'm passionate about in a way that's informative and easy to understand. My goal is to learn more about data visualization, connect with others, and work on things that might make a difference.

Gunasekaran Sengodan

I believe the one who knows how to play with data, definitely can able to make many successful decisions and they can also help other to make successful decisions for business or cause or personal.

Robert Kahne

I like to use data to do cool and helpful things. 

Ultimately, my goal is to be better at my job and improve the lives of others.

Ian Reitz

I want to use and improve upon my skills to help non-profits and organizations doing good in the world. 

My goal is to create data visualizations that will add my an impact in some way.

Subramanian Ramvijji

I love solving problems with data. I'm moved by great causes. I want new challenges and learn more about this world. My goal is to be that policy guy trying to make things better, one at a time.

Kate Brown

I want to use the data viz skills I am learning to help out. My goal is to create a meaningful viz that brings awareness to an issue or cause.

Michael Rosenberg

I want to use my data science skills for social good. To find meaningful things to do with data :D

Sema Karan

After discovering my secret passion for data, I changed my path to data driven reasoning. Because playing with data makes me happy. My goal is to learn more and share.


I like working with data :) 

My goal is to make a cool visualization and help out a good cause.

Prayson W. Daniel

I find joy in helping others achieve their goals. 

Ultimately, my goal is to find happiness in serving others.


To practice my data analysis and visualization skills while helping non-profits and contribute to social good.

Sharon Kent

I have a background in both data analytics and non-profit organizations, including a year of service with AmeriCorps. My goal is to use my experience and skills to help organizations derive knowledge from data.

Justin SJ Lee

I decided to join because society deserve better data viz.


I work with data daily and see its importance to the firm. Non-Profit organizations may have some of the same needs but may not be able to compete with technology & companies for the same talent. My goal is to understand, learn, and teach.

Subha Yoganandan

I love the idea of using my data science skills to help others! I want to take a chance and make a change.


This looks like a great way to produce useful and meaningful data visualizations while gaining exposure to various types of data sets and trying out different techniques to discover which works best. I also love that I can see how multiple folks approach the same data - what a learning opportunity.

Sumendar Karupakala

Open data enthusiast interested participating in data challenges. Ultimately, my goal is to explore, visualize and get valuable insights from data.

Leo Hendrikx

I am interested in data visualisations and design.

Sonali Gupta

Analyzing data is my passion and doing it for a cause would give me great pleasure.

Benjamin Edney

I have a personal belief and desire to do philanthropic, meaningful work.

Ultimately, my goal is to be involved in creating a world-wide organ donor database.

Dorsan Demaeght

I'm passionate about visualizations and would love to put it to good use. I want to provide beautiful, meaningful and comprehensible visualizations.

Sumeet Bedekar

I love to play with data and discover insights from it. Ultimately, my goal is to support the great causes and bring a change.

Juan Moises de la Serna

I decided to join because I like to help. My goal is to share my knowledge.


Helping people is a great motivation for learning a new skill.

Rob Harrand

I love data and helping good causes. 

Ultimately, my goal is to see what I can do to help.

Divya Bharathi

I like to help the nonprofit organizations and increase the awareness by using my visualization skills.

Ami Eaton

Data is awesome! 

Sam Falk

I am a data scientist who enjoys helping others

Mark Brown

It would be great to contribute to something bigger than my own projects. My goal is to find useful insights that make someone's world a better place.

Athan Mavrantonis