Build Awareness And Advance Your Mission

Data visualizations and infographics can be effective tools to drive awareness and promote your cause on social media. Whether you already use data in your work or are looking for a way to test this approach, we can help you tell a compelling story about your organization's impact that motivates your audience (donors, board members, etc.) to take action and support your mission.

Join the Data for a Cause Challenge

Get a small crowd of talented data wranglers working to help to promote your cause. Join the challenge, and see how data visualization can further your mission!

Challenge Request

A not-for-profit organization or its representative submits a request that includes a clearly defined goal. If no dataset is provided, open source data from reliable sources is used. 


Two weeks are given for participants to submit their data visualizations. Individual and group submissions are accepted. Participants use hashtag #dataforacause on Twitter to share their data visualizations.

Winner(s) Selection

The organization selects one or several winners and uses the winning visualization(s) in their social media and other marketing channels. 

By participating in the Challenge, you are agreeing to these Official Rules.

How it works

What gets created?

Featured Volunteers

We are a community of creative data visualization professionals with the talent, commitment, and energy to produce data visualizations that explain complex issues and inspire others to take action.

Ahmed Abuissa

"I would like to make a change using data."

Kate Brown

"My goal is to create a meaningful viz that brings awareness to an issue or cause."

Athan Mavrantonis

"Helping non-profits and social initiatives to achieve their mission"

Who have we worked with?

Can your organization participate?

Our volunteers are motivated to work with:
  • NGOs, not-for-profit organizations, charities, funds or similar.

  • Organizations that work to solve important issues: health, education, sustainability, etc.

  • Organizations that have digital data or are willing to use publicly available data.


Does it sound like your organization? Let's talk!

"Hi! I'm Olga. I'm the organizer of the Data For a Cause Challenge. I want to help you advance your mission...

... all I care about is doing meaningful work. I hope you'll decide to join us. Have questions? FIll out the form above or reach out on Twitter.