Visualization Request

A not-for-profit organization or its representative submits a request that includes a clearly defined goal. If no dataset is provided, open source data from reliable sources is used. 


Two weeks are given for participants to submit their data visualizations. Individual and group submissions are accepted. To submit, use hashtag #dataforacause on Twitter and include an image.

Winners Announced

The organization selects 3 winners and uses the winning visualizations in their social media and other marketing channels. 


Data Visualizations For Mission-Driven Nonprofits

You are a lucky person because you have been endowed with data skills that can make a difference - and the world needs them!


Not-for-profit organizations are working with challenging issues like hunger, environmental degradation, and education. These organizations have useful unexplored data that could help them build awareness and better understanding, but often don't have the budget or skills to leverage it.


They need data people like you to help them use it.​

Ready to do meaningful work? Join the challenge, and I will help you to connect with mission-driven organizations that strive to make a difference!

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How it works

Who do we work with?

What gets created

Roopan Sharma
Chris Conn
Nick Kraska
Vishesh Jain
Valerie Mais
Bhavna GV
Simon Beaumont
Anish Bhola
Paul Watchtler
Lynda Duchon
Alex Dixon
David Tran
Bhavesh Kapadia
Vaishnavi Krishnan
Charles Sutton
Paola Tomei
Burney Wong
Soham Wadekar
Theodorre Coyle

Who is already here

We are a community of creative data visualization professionals with the talent, commitment, and energy to produce data visualizations that explain complex issues and inspire others to take action.

Allison Montgomery

"I decided to join because I want to learn how to use data to tell a meaningful story."


"To practice my data analysis and visualization skills while helping non-profits and contribute to social good."


You can signup to join or recommend someone you know by forwarding this page to them.

Are you a fit?

To win the challenge, you will need skills in the following areas:
  • Data visualization, information design, infographics

  • Data analysis, statistics, data interpretation

  • Communication and Twitter to share your work


Ready to do good with data?

No more sitting on the sidelines!

By participating in the Challenge, you are agreeing to these Official Rules.

"Hi! I'm Olga. I'm the organizer of the  Data For a Cause Challenge. I want to help you create your best work. I don't care about prestige, stereotypes or anything of the sort...

... all I care about is the journey I'm taking you on. I've gained a lot from putting my skills to work and I hope you'll decide to do the same. Have questions? Contact me or reach out on Twitter .

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