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We are a diverse community of data people who want to learn and share our knowledge.

Do you want to improve your data analysis skills and boost your resume? It's hard work! At some point or another, all of us data people will struggle with the following:

  1. Keeping the motivation up, and feeling isolated

  2. Learning skills that are in demand

  3. Mastering and improving existing skills

We are a group of data people that came together because we realized that we want to share what we build, and get feedback. We realized we don't want to work in isolation - we need help from other data people. 


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Showcase your work and build your portfolio of data visualizations with the 2017 Data For a Cause Challenge.

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Improve your ability to help people see and understand data one tutorial at a time

Help with finding your inspiration and motivation

Hear inspiring stories from other data creatives and get motivated to build your own projects

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"Hi! I'm Olga Tsubiks. I want to help you create your best work. I don't care about prestige, stereotypes or anything of the sort...

... all I care about is the journey I'm taking you on. I've gained a lot from sharing my work and joining the community and I hope you'll decide to do the same. Have questions? Contact me or reach out on Twitter.

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