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How to connect to your data in Tableau and create data extract files (TDE)

Basic connection: Excel to Tableau

Before you can start visualizing your data you need to get your data into Tableau. Tableau has many data connectors from - Excel to Oracle data warehouse.

Here is how you get your Excel data into Tableau:

Solution: On the start page, under Connect, select Excel. Navigate to the Excel file. Drop Excel spreadsheet on the white area.​


After connecting to your data, the data fields become available on the data source sheet and in the data pane.

Add data from the clipboard in Tableau

If you are not looking to build a serious data viz, but need to simply take a quick look at the data, you can import data from your clipboard.

Here is how to do it:

Solution: Copy data from anywhere (Excel, PDF, email, etc.). In Tableau, select Data > Paste Data. Tableau creates a new workbook that uses the clipboard data source. Use this method for quick data exploration purposes only.

Joining data sources

If you are using two data connections from the same data source, and have a common key, joining data can improve performance.

Here is how to join data:

Solution: Open Tableau, and connect to a data source. Select Data > New Data Source. Drag and drop the first table. Drag and drop the second table. You will be prompted to select a key to join by, and a join type.

Creating data extracts (TDE)

TDE (Tableau Data Extract) is Tableau’s file format for compressed data sources. TDE files have better performance, and also come in handy when packaging data from a database or an online data source.

Here is how to create a TDE file:​

Solution: when connected to a data source, select Connection > Extract. Click on Sheet 1. Tableau will prompt you to save the data extract file (TDE).

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